What to expect from your wedding piper ?

What will your piper do prior to the Ceremony ?

Our wedding piper will attend at the venue approximately one and a half hours prior to the ceremony (whether that be a place of worship, hotel or a registry office). This will allow them set up time and to familiarise themselves with the venue.

Approximately 45 minutes before the ceremony, your wedding piper will be available outside the venue to play a variety of tunes from their repertoire to welcome your guests.

Thereafter we will be available to welcome the bride (or other significant fiancé) and wedding party on their arrival outside the venue. (At this time there may be a specific tune that has been chosen to be played for the wedding parties’ arrival).

**Alternatively if the bride (or other significant fiancé) is residing at the venue prior to the ceremony, the piper will be available to pipe them from their room to outside where the ceremony is taking place.**

What will your wedding piper do during and immediately after the wedding Ceremony ?

**Please note the venue will have to be consulted with prior to wedding piper playing inside any venue as some do not permit piping inside due to the volume.**

Your piper will then be available to pipe the Bride (or other significant fiancé) down the aisle (this is optional). There will be as specific tune which is arranged with the couple prior to the wedding for this part of the day.

During the signing of the register, couples will usually have alternative music to play in the background, however if you would rather have the piper playing, we will be available to play a tune in the background.

At the end of the ceremony your piper will then be available if requested to pipe the newly married couple back up the aisle and out of the venue.

What to expect after the ceremony during the photographs ?

If your photographs are outside, your piper will available during the photographs to play a few tunes approximately every ten minutes. The tunes played at this time will be from the piper’s repertoire.

What will your piper do for the wedding breakfast ?

Your wedding piper will stand in front of your top table after the wedding coordinator has lined your wedding top table up in order. The piper will then pipe in the top table to their seats and will continue to play as the piper leaves to join the married couple. (Tune at this time will be from the piper’s repertoire)

Your piper will then join the married couple and pipe them into the evening meal playing a tune which is upbeat and has been agreed with the couple beforehand. The piper at this time will stop at the cake if requested to do so, however will then play the married couple to their seats before continuing to pipe themselves out.

This time brings the piping duties to a close for your wedding.

*If you would like the wedding piper to toast the bride and groom prior to leaving, please ask us in the initial booking enquiry*

Wedding Pipers Toast