What to expect from a Piper at a Funeral.

At GD Bagpiping, we recognise that for the loved ones of someone who has passed on, a funeral can be a very upsetting and emotional time.

That is why we ensure that we act with the utmost professionalism and respect. We find that the majority of people who get in contact with us only require a piper at either the cemetery or crematorium,  however if we are required at any service beforehand we are more than happy to attend. We can provide services as detailed below.

  • Our piper can attend at the place of worship or funeral home and play a short set as mourners enter.
  • Our piper can be available to pipe as the coffin leaves the place of worship or funeral. (If our piper is required at the crematorium or cemetery, this may not be possible as our piper will need to be at the crematorium before the hearse)
  • Our piper will meet the hearse (or horse and cart etc.) a short distance from the grave if its a cemetery or from the entrance to the crematorium. Our piper will page in front of the coffin alongside the funeral director and will stop playing either when all mourners have entered the crematorium or the coffin has been laid at the graveside.
  • (Cemetery Only) Our piper can then play as the coffin is being lowered.
  • (Crematorium Only) Our piper can then play as the coffin enters the crematorium and is laid to rest.
  • Our piper will then play a few tunes as people either leave the graveside or in the case of a crematorium, our piper will play a few tunes outside when people are leaving the crematorium.